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Love the Poet

Do fall in love with me for I am a poet

Come...Come closer! And I mean be dear to me. Do not fear to ask my name For in your heart it shall remain For in the depth of your heart It will never fade.

I am but just sugar I am but just honey Yet like pepper spice. Wild, I can be tamed I paint my mind On the canvas of truth.

I am but just a poet With savoury words, like water for your thirsty soul.

Run... Run to me for life That's your option to survive. Do see in me a husband For my love will not die.

Come...Come now You'll be proud For I'll not chew up and Later spit you out.

I am love, a full bag of emotions. Know of me, for you might like what you see.

I am love, a full bag of emotions. Hence your heart to mine. I can harbour, I accept.

Do be quick to be a big fan Do be quick to stand up and clap. Though sweet, like a whirlwind my words can soon be a hot kiss without hiss.

Do seek me I am what you need Let your lips a single word, of me speak No Let your lips a thousand words, of me shout. I am but just that I am but just love I am not rough My love is not tough.

I am but just a poet With savoury words, like water For your thirsty soul.

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