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Work with us

We are reimagining the youth spaces globally and currently in process of institutionalizing the world’s largest verified network of spaces that generate a multitude of opportunities through our recognized YCAAS( Youth Cafe as a service) model. We believe that every young person deserves a space that fuels our generational aspirations and it shall be awesome to have you on board with us:


Please find below opportunities made available for and with youth:-


Sign up as a Space Activator: Stipend based

*Open for communities/ youth groups and young individuals.

We are actively seeking to build a pool of activators- especially young people who are self-employed, or part-time employed and who are interested in short-term work opportunities and have specific areas of expertise in community engagement, coworking, or cafes that might be relevant for our areas of service activity. If this is you, then please email us at and one of our team members will get in touch with you soon. 


It’s time we invade the spaces but with courage and creativity as a force!

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Learning- Capacity Building- Advocacy-

- Youth-led Action

Apply as a Founder’s Apprentice

We are hiring for now for a unique position where you get a chance to work directly with our founder! A staunch advocate of #SafeSpaces4Youth and contributing generously for many critical Sustainable Development goals, we work with Nonprofits, Government, Corporate organizations, Youth communities, Media, and Passionate individuals through creative interventions designed especially for youth. 


Join the journey and learn and work with the founder on day to day basis and build your interests around campaigning, designing, and operationalizing campaigns whether social or business in nature. 

Click to work with our not so super cool CEO:


Apply as Business Head ( South Asia )

*Currently for Spaces in India

Got abilities to lead a space network at grassroots, country or regional positions and be an active agent of our ambitious plan to create the world's largest verified network of Youth Spaces. Please send your queries to for more details regarding the program.

Join our business network of shared value and economic prosperity:


Become Partner Space

We present to you a scintillating opportunity to partner with our tech-enabled platform currently onboarding top locations in Chennai. Bengaluru and even far-off regions such as Jammu and KASHMIR. Our project: CultSpaces is an on-demand “Workspace as a Service” provider for the rapidly changing workforce of today! We verify every partner space on 70+ parameters to ensure spaces work smoothly for the new workforce. Not only that, but we also integrate community, co-working, cafe vibes, and advocate for sustainable lifestyles amongst the entrants of the new hyperlocal economy.


We provide local space owners/ managers with a turn-key mechanism to increase their visibility and optimize space usage and thus positively impact the revenue with the help of digitized technology and a strong community engagement. Our unique Space(+More) as a service model has many advantages including scalability, predictability, and high customer engagement for thousands of space owners around the World.  

Our Consultation can help you build stronger sustainable local spaces whether you operate a  workspace, cafe, pub, or your humble home terrace to invite trusted strangers. 

- The Space partner in the urban region of cities such as Mumbai can earn up to 50000 INR from sharing their existing office space and bringing community vibes to space.

Click to Partner your property to get on revenue making radar:


Join Our Global Community

*Open for Youth worldwide

It's our seventh year and we are transgressing borders expanding our existing work with and for youth, and enable a virtual intergenerational forum as an extension to bridge disconnect among the global youth and adolescents with a special focus on interests and aspirations of GenZ. Do you wish to be part of a community that is more than just plain volunteerism and helps find monetizing opportunities for your skills, and to help build your safe network while you advocate for safe spaces for millions of young people and adolescents globally?


Let’s transgress together!


*Open for youth globally: Individuals and Representatives of youth groups/ organizations.

*Youth between the age of 15-35 years are eligible.

*The community is solely invite-based.


Click Apple to cut your way through

Join our Global Business Community

*Open for entrepreneurs worldwide

We are in the business of thinking, designing, operationalizing, and managing social spaces that are empathetic to the youth of today- youth who’s a change-maker, entrepreneur, artist, creative, or any weirdo who wishes to change the world- one community at a time. We also remove the entry barriers for first-generation entrepreneurs/local/independent businesses by providing spaces at affordable rates. Through our CSR efforts, we give back by curating free collaborative experiences for youth from rural/marginalized contexts across the globe. 

Click message icon to join business community now! 


Host a Local experience

We are “Combining Hyperlocal economy and sustainable lifestyle worldwide now!” We support youth groups/ artists communities/ individuals and youth-led/ focussed CSOs often involving mico-engagement, investigative modes of behavior mapping, designing, operationalizing, and analyzing standardized global experiences for adolescents and youth. These experiences lead to the generation of enormous social impact and capital in any local region. Please fill the form below and we assure you that we will reach out to you in less than 24 hours!


Click cube to co-create with us: 

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