Urban Desi House, the brand driver of Yowan Food & Beverages Private Limited set off in the year December, 2015. As the name signifies, the brand name envisaged an undistorted image of coolness among the local crowd especially the youngsters. Urban Desi House- An experiential café outlet with an aim to provide fast casual service to the customers- something new for the Indian customers- Though this concept has been hit in many markets around the World including USA, UK, etc.  The Fast Casual as the name suggests- mixes the fastness of a Quick Service Restaurant while at the same time provides the casual dining experience to the customers which makes the overall experience amazing to say the least. Moreover, since the outlet was conceived by the Parent Youth Project: Indian Youth café- The outlet activities doesn’t stop at selling affordable food/beverages- Over the period of two years, we have seen tremendous excitement among the local youth- Youth from colleges, young professionals because of various collaborative events that have taken place which includes – Music jamming sessions by a Startup- TROOZE- Filmmakers Monthly meetups- Chennai Comedy Open Mics – A platform for comedians to come out of nutshell- Young Weirdos Meetup, multiple other band /startup sessions, etc to enable the much needed collaboration among the local youth.


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