Relationships đź’‘

A view by Varsha Venkataramani

"What are all the complications of a relationship?" they asked. "Relationship itself a

complicated one!" came my answer.

You may wonder why I stated it in such a way.

Have you ever thought why some bond breaks?

They would have been the best and dearest friend once upon a time, but now it would have been

the complete reverse case scenario. No communication, no texts, no talks. Everything would

have been seized.

From sharing each and every thing, be it happiness or sorrow to gossiping about everyone, once

there was a strong sisterhood between those two girls, but now they don't even wish each other on their birthday!

"They were so cute together as a couple! I liked every social media pictures of them. Admired

them for that chemistry! But why did they got separated" our thoughts on seeing most of the divorced couples!

And many, many ,many more relationship goes futile! Be it in case of friends, lovers, couples,

brothers or sisters, or some other important relatives.. And I see in certain places, the bond

between a Parent and a child is itself in a weakened state!

So why this happens? What are all the root cause?

"The major factor is we expect more! We tend to be in a state of mind that wishes to receive the

love from other person, than to give it to them". We often come to a misconception about particular person or an incident without actually knowing the truth! We believe what we feel, rather than taking  a step further to know the truth behind!

"Why it is always me who should go behind them, let them come if they truly love me"

"Why can't he/she make a call?"

"Why didn't he/she tell it to me first?"

"Why is he/she hiding something from me?"

tend to run in our mind, when things don't happen as we expected!

The other person would have been in a severe traumatic position, may be they would have

wanted some solitude time to spend, they would have thought if sharing things may put us in a

state of sober, so would have avoided it!

We should train our mind to think it in an optimistic way, rather than troubling ourselves with

over thoughts!

Over thinking is one such monster of relationship!