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"#CreatewithCOVID is a special on-demand campaign where we are inviting young people to talk, engage, and share a lot of content around the needs and aspirations of today’s GenZ"

This is our time, and we won't stop!

"We hope to churn out valid  and creative data through the voices of Youth creators to  tackle the pandemic as well  as infodemic."

- Team Indian Youth Cafe




















It's our time and we won't stop, because Youth can't stop. We are creating content weaving our pathways on oldskool 2G platforms. 

Seems weird?

Wanna be a part of it and make your work a topic of the talk of the town?

Fill the form below and come one step closer to bringing your creator voice out to the World!

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Among the array of webinars, education classes and humongous information put out there for young people; we feel that it’s important to design the campaign with and for young people and not just put out anything for you to receive.  We are looking for creators and maybe, we are looking for you!

Time to write, engage and share your thoughts with the World. 

With the advent of 2020, things haven't been looking good for the millions of youth and adolescents across many nations simultaneously in the current period. With our surveys and campaigns to gain insights into the youth mindset, we have found that expansion of civic spaces for youth that we seek is not happening, and quite recently, it has been found that civic spaces around us are only shrinking!
It’s time, we invade the spaces but with courage and creativity as a force!

We present to you, “Where the Youth at” a youth led project; initiated on the similar lines to realise our power as a collective. As a voice, that can’t be ignored by decision makers. As a force, which is not going to use violence but our creative power to strike back for unkept promises! Join us in our advocacy, today


We know that during these times of #coronavirus, it is okay to be not okay; and this campaign also takes that into consideration very carefully. We have enabled this virtual space especially for people who wish to vent out their creative work with a larger community.  If you think this campaign is something you can avoid and relax; please do that! It is also okay not to create anything and self-care is definitely worth more than productivity. Peace!  

#NoFOMO #WeareJOMO  #ChillMode 

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