• Krishna Kiruba

Reinventing Water bodies around us!

The specific environmental challenge that we address is the Global Water crisis. The people are facing huge issues with water scarcity all over the world. In recent days, due to climate change and global warming, the summer period extended and the raining season reduced to a shorter duration. But the amount of rainfall reaching earth is the same or more rainfall is accounted for. But storage facilities for storing that huge amount of resource is not available.

Many government bodies, NGOs are working on restoring water bodies to save nature. But, I don’t think they are properly restoring in a just and sustainable way. Many improved water resource management techniques are available to do in a sustainable manner. But, very few techniques are implemented. And also lack of public participation in this kind of activity adds up to the existing troubles. There is no proper management.

In olden days, people usually interact with water like they will bath, work around water bodies. So they keep water bodes as clean. Due to modernization, the participation of people with water bodies got reduced and even we polluting more a lot and we don’t care about it. After the restoration of water bodies, People only responsible for protecting, consumption, and usage of water and water bodies productively. It’s high time educators need to educate people towards participatory approach in all activities. They need to change their mindsets towards natural resources, prevent wastage, and optimize usage. Every single person can be a part of making a small difference in nature it leads to a drastic change in the environment. Environment nature-based solutions need to be implemented in the future. So it will create more impact on the environment and also the mindsets of people.

By: Kirubakaran

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