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Mental Stress Awareness is Important!

By: Madhumathi Ravikumar


The word stress has originated from accumulation of feelings and when you never let it out.

I'm always worried about the words: stress, depression, anxiety and fear.

Cause, When you just think about it, you'll eventually get into it.

The only root cause of this is - Loneliness/being Alone.

It is not sitting in a room alone, it is being in a crowded place yet having no one to share your views with, being with a group of friends and still no one noticing your prank/comedy, being in a family function still no one even turned up to ask how do you do!

World is fighting economic crisis and the human resource is fighting a psychological crisis.

You can't even see a positive attitude person anywhere. You cannot see people who can even smile back. You cannot see people being kind to the needy.

Coming back, taking your life tough and restricted within even if your heart needs to open up, leads to a very long term effect leading to mental stress.

I'm a person who's had no one for 3 solid Years and I kept meeting so many temporary people and I was really searching for a person to share my thoughts with!

That's when I found a solution, merely it didn't quench my thirst rather at least made me less thirsty. I'd stopped waiting for people online, I'd stop stalking on them, I'd stop wondering why they aren't talking to me, I'd stop using social media for 6 whole months.

Rather, I invested my time in myself. I started drawing, I started dancing. I started listening to music. I started to wake up early and go for long walks. I started to exercise. I started to explore what I was and what I really needed.

But, still I found my heart was oscillating to what I thought earlier. Then I started focusing, forecasting and formatting the demands I really had and it was a tough job indeed.

I usually jot down points. My strength and weakness! Everyday I would read it new and check whether it has increased or still the same!

Life puts you into situations where you are drowning, if you know swimming come up, if you don't know swimming hit front and back and come up. You must come up.

If your hurt physically a doctor can heal you, but if your hurt mentally only words and your own self can heal you.

Dark nights are not going to be dark always, light will penetrate at least by the moon. Catch hold of it and come out.

How could I not mention, cuts, acid attacks, suicide, poisoning, etc. they all are never a solution and please stop being obsessed to others, cause you will find too many fakes and false and until and unless you don't hit a back stroke and try to come out of the storm, you'll be vanished in seconds calling yourself weak!

And to everyone who says mental Stress is still happening and I've not still found anyone, I'd like to ask- have you found yourself first? Have you known what your strength and weaknesses are? Have you really studied yourself better before telling I've done this/that for him/her but still they don't turn and look at me!

Hey you, if you are great within, you needn't worried why they're not turning back and looking at you, but you'll be way forward and they'd already been following your path!

You don't need someone behind you. You don't need someone for you already. If someone has

somebody let them have, you'll also have but don't worry sitting when!

You are beautifully different in an own way, evolve from within and don't search for it outside!

If you really wanna talk to someone, talk to your parents, fight with your siblings, play with your pet and go for a long ride.

Being healthy has three components and mental health still holds an equal share!!✨

Your mental health is more important than your physical fitness. People may mock at you, not talk to you or even avoid you, for all that - IGNORANCE IS BLISS!

Stay fit and stress-free!

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