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Is It Love or Mere Attraction?

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

‘Attraction is just one emotion where as love is an entire form of devotion.’


Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you can’t figure out if you’ve fallen in love with your significant other or is it just lust? Frankly, you’ll meet so many people in your lifetime and not everyone will be your soulmate so it’s better to figure it out as soon as you can and save yourself and the other person a lot of pain.


Attraction or infatuation is certainly short-lived and gets weakened over time and the lockdown only helped us identify what is it in reality, as separation has hurt many bonds. Most of the times it is motive driven, you’d want to achieve a certain level of intimacy with the person and then call it quits or it can turn into obsession which ultimately leads to declining mental health and decreased personal growth and productivity. There is no real friendship between you and them hence you never really have anything to talk about and your views regarding critical things vary to an exasperating degree. You have a strong desire that everything about them must be glamourized.


Unconditional, selfless, insightful are only few of the uncountable words that come to my mind when talking about love. It’s true that not everyone gets the taste, even the scent of love their whole life but the ones that do are really lucky. It never fades away be it due to distance or time, nothing can make it weaken and even if you get separated along the way it only gives us time for reflection and gets strengthened. You can talk about anything and everything with your lover without the fear of being judged which definitely helps with your mental well-being and leads to both your individual and overall growth. If you have a deeper friendship with your lover, then its surely a cherry on top.


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Rightfully captured the emotions. ❤

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