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Corona Thrive

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

By: Divya Ramachandran


I think all of us have had more than a sneak peek at how life can be over the rest of

the year and possibly, years to come. We hear a lot about how our future is going to

be entwined with the current epidemic. So it’s up to us to figure out ways to thrive

even in its existence.

Lockdown has been hard for all our spirits, but my creative side saved the day and

many months, when I was stuck alone at home in Bangalore! Challenging myself and

building on my existing skills became a way of life.

I figured it would be a nice idea to let you all know about my creative pursuits and I

hope it will inspire you to ponder more, learn more, and create more!

Illusions have been a fascination to me over many years, but all I did was look at

images and ogle at them, impressed. But these tough times got me to pick up a pen

and a paper and try them for myself. A great inspiration for illusions has been M.C

Escher : A visionary in terms of physical construction of

images and construed versions of reality. Below, is some of his work.

Since his work was quite complex, I tried a more basic version of illusions, which

proved to be just a start to my deeper journey into illusions. And here are the results!

By Divya Ramachandran

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