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Youth themed Cafes- a study by Indian Youth Cafe ( Low-cost/Ultra low-cost pop-up cafes )- A pre-sol

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

#mymarkmycity #mymarkmychennai

#mymarkmycity , Museum for the United Nations UN Live campaign #mymarkmychennai happening at India's one and only youth cafe!

Youth cafés are all about meeting the needs and giving much-needed attention to the change makers of tomorrow in collaborative and integrated way. A well-run café can be a source of support for young people and can offer them a secure base during times of immense change in their lives, and at a juncture, when the climate around them is also changing. It can act as a protective space in young people’s lives, helping them to face any issues or difficulties that arise and be more resilient as a result. We verified and checked the sustainability of a youth café by creating one. We designed and built a café named Urban Desi House in the year 2015. It is a self-sustainable youth-themed café where have been mobilising and engaging Urban Youth from Chennai and bio-region in various projects and collaborative activities designed specially for the youth; which also bridges the offline disconnect among the local youth to a greater extent.

Why we exist?

We exist because every young person deserves to learn, work, live and amplify development and peace dialogue in the contemporary world. We are in the business of enabling safe and affordable co-working spaces to young people. Do let us know you would like to partner with us to create social and safe spaces for youth with a sustainable model around it. We also engage young people and enable a cross-collaborative and omni-channel platform to impart learning and enable actions through an interplay of media, technology and physical experiences.

How it relates to sustainable cities, places and #climatecrisis ?

There is a serious lack of spaces in regions all over the World including many urban regions , and most of the institutions where young people visit namely schools, colleges, youth clubs, coaching institutes instill a feeling of competition and thus the serious talks including #climateaction gets on sidelines. We have seen that if less restricted spaces which has adult provision but not in dominating sense and numbers; it really impacts in shaping the lives of youth and empower them to think creatively and shape the solutions to make our cities run effectively ensuring environmental needs are always taken care of in most crucial decade our mankind is witnessing ever.

Want to read the full report?

Please email your organisation profile at to get the full study conducted over a year of 4 years.

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