#SafeSpaces4Youth : Blogger series.

Safe spaces for the youth according to me is a politically just space. A place where the youth know their fundamental rights and are allowed to apply it. It is also a space where the dreams of the youth are supported by the government and is recognized by them.

Safe spaces for the youth is a politically nurtured environment that allows the growth of the youth in all aspects. A place that accepts the youth with UNCONDITIONAL POSITIVE REGARD. A place that allows them to get creative, innovative, collaborative and productive not only for their own benefits but for the society as a whole too.

Safe spaces for the youth allows quality exposure to current affairs and needs without a censor by the government. In other words it's a spaces where people have RIGHT TO INFORMATION. It is a space that is run by "transparent" government schemes and policies.

Safe spaces for the youth is a space where the youth believe in the justice system of their city / state / country.

And according to me there is immediate need for such spaces for the betterment of the youth and the betterment of the nation.


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