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#SafeSpaces4Youth : Blogger series

Do we have ?

Do we need?

What triggers this search?

Is this the recent atrocities or is it in general the Youth are feeling the need for Safe Space?

From the Womb to every Single day in this mighty earth is a Safe place. Safe is defined by ones own definition. Leaving the Calamities, the World can be a safer place for each one.

For me, Being Responsible is Safe.

Ideologies, Faith, Belief, Dreams all are safe when the Youth is together and are on the same page.

A Gathering, Convention, Riot can be Safe as long as the Youth are clear about what they are looking for and what they mean to achieve.

Responsible towards what?

The list is long. Be Happy, Be Youth, Explore, Be an adventurer, Experience everything under the Sun, Be Vocal.

When a Youth is going to be the above all enlister, he or she has to be responsible. Safe Word is Synonymous in many ways to Being Responsible.

Darkness is present because of the lack of Light.

Cold is present because of the lack of heat.

Evil is present because of the lack of Goodness.

Danger is present because of the lack of responsibility.

Be Youth, Be Safe.

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