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So far away from knowing where I am going

I am trying hard to find out who I am

They all see that I don't know what I am doing

I say they don't hardly understand

Why can't they remember

What I'll never forget

How these dreams can come undone

When you're young

(Song: When you’re young; Written by: Brad N Arnold / Martin H Frederiksen / Christopher N Henderson / Matt N Roberts)

Who is a youth? A person seeking most of his/her first experiences in life. Loaded with a pillion of questions about every decision he/she is going to make. A period which defines the quality and quantity of adjectives that’ll be used for him/her.

What’s stopping this? The societal norms and the educating them about the doubts that they have stays unanswered for maximum number of times. Safe space for the Youth is where he/she is not scared to ask a question. A place where elderly help them grow by not just providing knowledge about how to live but giving logic behind the culture they follow. A place where we listen and understand the reasons behind the question. A place where a youth is given freedom to decide for anything and everything, based on the logics provided by the elders.

Such a safe space can’t exist without elders or kids. We must co-exist and help each other understand, learn and follow the culture that help each of us to grow into better human beings.

This reminds me of speech ‘I have a dream’ by Martin Luther King. Similarly, I have a dream, but we need to get together our dreams of such a space and have a plan, because no dream comes true if we don’t work towards it.

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