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Updated: May 17

Social spaces that instill freedom of expression, mutual respect and constructive dialogue as their fundamentals are considered to be Safe Spaces for Youth. Significance of safe spaces in providing opportunities for sport, innovation, empowerment and leisure time activities, while deconstructing barriers of judgment, hate speech, harassment or violence is something that cannot be denied.

"For any nation to be called a truly developed nation, inclusion of youth in the inclusive development that we seek is important. Similarly, a significant investment not only through capital resources but also through time and shared experience has to be initiated not only by government entities but also through private sector investment".

Alignment with SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Our spaces directly align with SDG 11 and inter-related goals in solving many youth issues and promote the growth of safe and sustainables spaces that engage youth through the process of rapid urbanization that India faces currently. We also wish to also work on financial inclusion of deprived communities such as fishermen direct selling through markets designed through prospective usage of shipping containers. Through successful, public private partnerships.

There are many spaces that a young person visits ( according to NYP India, 2014: Someone between 15-29 years old and according to UN: 15-24 years old) but there aren’t many institutions where a young person can sit without any external pressure that comes in form assignments, appraisals, judgements, stares,harassment, violence, etc.

How a Positive Revolution can happen if Youth collaborates for a better future?

For long, the task of accurately structuring our society to fulfil its necessities had been the responsibility of the adults in the community. They had been considered the better preceptor and solvers of the problems that occur in the social order and hence don’t demand the intervention of the youth. But as the civilization advances; the conditions change; and the youth of the country are needed to come strong and take the baton of development. The young and the fresh have more to offer to the society than thought of earlier, with young countries like India where >65% of the population are teenagers.

The youth of today are more active, understanding, responsible and well informed about their social order, more than the adults. They have a better understanding of modern technology and are self-motivated to bring change. One such technology that has helped them to analyse the societal and communal situation is the internet and the use of Social Media.

The young generation has done a splendorous job by speaking up and intervene in matters of civil and national interest. They have established NGOs to carter to poverty and sanitation, they have come into the political sphere to create better communal structures, they have excelled in creating new and decade advanced technologies and products, they have positively affected the economic sphere of the county and have eradicated many social evils and misconceptions. The young minds of today are developing and have become the people that we need to sustain the future we dream of. Truly enough to say that, when they join hands miracles happen!

If you’d like to participate in collaborating with us in creating more safe, social and sustainable spaces for youth. Please write to us at: indianyouthcafe@gmail.com

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