20 thoughts about Adulting as a 20 something year old!

Updated: Jun 22

Ever wondered what becoming an adult would entail? It’s not always the glory

days and moments of abundant freedom that we wish we slip into sooner as we stare

wistfully at our TV screens. Infact its way more than that and all at once. But cross the

adulting period and look back, you’ll never want it any other way. Coming from someone

who’s in the struggle, read on to find out what I’ve learnt so far!

Whoever said being a millennial was an easy task, you better eat your words back

right NOW! It’s frightening, exciting, and a little skip-a-beat in your heart, with its fair

share of the awesome and not-so-awesome days. A tumultuous melting pot of

emotions, minus the PMS (For guys, it’s an inside joke!) and god forbid you have

them both together, may you have the strength to get through those days!

Then again, it isn’t all that bad. With all that new found freedom comes a teeny bit

more responsibility, which kind of consecutively increases as the days go by. The

truth is, “love” is not a word that gets automatically linked to adulting because it just

doesn’t seem to fit into a socially accepted standard of something “fun”. But hey, it’s

all one day at a time. Right?

After all, there are no extended playtimes, no tiffins to share and definitely no PT

classes. But somehow the process of blooming into an adult is as fascinating as it

gets (even without all the hormonal changes!)

So without further ado, let’s get into a few of the amazing and sometimes even humorous things that make adulting the totally awesome thing it is:

1. Your own place, your own space!

Getting a place of your own is a big step on the road to becoming a real adult!

And what can be more fun than to inject some of your personality into your

living space (even hello kitty wall hangings, if you’re into it!), without anyone

having to judge you for the better or worse! Just keep in mind not to go

overboard with the spending! Now might even be a good time to organise all

those totally casual group hangs which you always dreamt of!

2. Let’s go job hunting!

The irony of trying to get a new job is that doing so is in itself a full-time job —

and a particularly frustrating one. There are only so many trying-to-be-clever-

but-not-too-clever job-specific resume tweaks you can make before you’ll

want to run screaming from your apartment building. Overwhelming much?

3. Landing that first job!

Starting your first job after college is the first major transition. Your job might

take you to a new area, sometimes a new state, and could force you into a

new living arrangement! Remember how every movie about post-grad life

shows the protagonist landing his or her dream job either right off the bat or

after a few humorous trials and tribulations under an overbearing boss. In all

honesty, it’s never going to be like that. Your first may not even be your dream

job. But the text message of money being credited at the beginning of the

month will make it seem all worth it, I promise!

4. Aaaand.. Keeping that new job too!

If you’re working that routine 9-5, then you can fully expect prolonged periods

of sitting without the liberty of those frequent college breaks. Also, your new

routine might not be something that you have relative control over- which

probably means the days of staying out late and getting to sleep in on

weekdays are over. On the brighter side, you do gain a newfound

appreciation for the weekend when you’re living in adult land.

5. Don’t ignore your funds

If there is really something that adulting teaches you about, it’s definitely

managing your funds. It might be tempting to spend your entire salary on

something super special — and, by all means, you should be treating yourself

for your hard work. But the mistake we always do is to put off on any saving

plans till the last few days and sooner than ever you’ll again be back to

borrowing from your friends who won’t hesitate to rub it in! All in good fun


6. While you’re at it don’t ignore your loans!

Many of us tend to depend on study loans for a major part of our education. A

big mistake we often make is to put off that loan repayment or to pay back the

minimum for as long as possible. And while parents definitely have our backs,

you can’t beat that feeling of pride when you do manage to schedule your

payments and get that burden off your shoulders.

7. Travelling in traffic!

When you were living on a campus where everything was close by, traffic

would have been the least of your worries! But if your employment takes you

to a new town or state, or even a few streets away from comfort, then

comprehending traffic patterns and being able to schedule in time to possibly

shower, do your hair and makeup and pack a lunch is a very real struggle. Ugh!

8. Eat well

Now we come to possibly the most important of them all! Rising early, working

out, eating a healthy breakfast and packing a wholesome meal can be pretty

overwhelming! To save yourself some time, try planning your meals ahead

and storing it in ready-to-pickup boxes (if all fails, order in. No judging here)

Remember taking care of your body should come first!

9. Rise and shine sleepyhead!

Waking up early Mon.–Fri. is hard enough, without trying to get a couple

chores done before you head out for work. It’s easy to talk yourself into hitting

the snooze button when the only person counting on you to wake up is

yourself. But early mornings can be a great way to maximize your time, as

well as to energize yourself before the day begins. Try out yoga; it becomes

even cooler as you keep growing!

10. Group Workouts

Trying to fit exercise into your early morning routine? A great way to make

getting fit in the mornings both easy and way more fun is to make a

commitment with one or more friends to meet up for an early-a.m. group jog

or badminton session(pick any sport you like). That way you get the best of

both, little catching up and a fit body (hopefully!).

11. Not every night is party night

This might be hard to initially accept, but college doesn’t last forever and so

doesn’t going out every weekday night. The more adult thing is to remember

you have to work in the morning and make money. There’s this thing called

rent. You have to pay it, which is hard to do if you’re always spending it on

booze. No. 1 rule to remember: It’s hard to YOLO if you have ZERO in your

bank account.

12. Acceptance and moving on

Learning to accept mistakes and embracing our flaws is a crucial part of

getting older and understanding that we aren’t perfect. You’ll learn to discover

yourself through your failures and that the world does not come crashing

down around us when something goes wrong. You pick yourself up and you

get going!

13. You’ll never completely figure it all out:

It sounds terrifying, and it is. And that’s okay. Most people never do. Just think

about it, the universe is so infinitely filled with possibilities that we cannot even

comprehend. But that’s what makes it worthy of our awe. It gives you the best

gift of all: discovering yourself and our ability to be humbled by a world that’s

larger than us.

14. No one cares if you’re the popular one anymore:

This definitely mattered big time back in college, but out in the real world the

fear of being judged by the number of friends you have on Facebook is going

to the least of your worries, trust me when I say this! Being able to hold on to

just those handpicked few who have your back when you need a shoulder to

cry over your last breakup is exactly what you need now.

15. Failure is not the end of the road:

It can be so frightening to screw up anything, especially when you are

surrounded by other adults who seem to have it all sorted. But don’t let that

sucky job interview or burnt food put a damper on your spirits. You might not

get what you want all the time, but a lot of the time, what you end up with is

even better. So go on fail and learn from it for the better!

16. Also, looks are not always everything:

When you’re in college, a cute outfit was a must, especially if you had to catch

that cute guy’s eye. But as an adult, be thankful if you manage to still turn

heads while wearing crumpled clothes you picked off your bed. You should be

proud of saving the money you worked hard for. If you want to compete about

something, brag about how well you bargained from that street side shopkeeper.

Isn’t that great?

17. You can’t make everyone happy:

Now repeat after me. “I can’t please everyone. I can’t please everyone. I can’t

please everyone.” Truth be told, this little hack will save you from ever being a

doormat to anyone’s demands and will make you a happier person in the long

run. You might even lose a few friends along the way, but that’s how we find

our “forever people” isn’t it?

18. You’re going to do some things you don’t want to:

While it’s all so dreamy to be able to just throw away that crappy job and just

chase behind your dreams, it’s gonna be quite difficult if you’re not making

enough cash to fuel your crazy ambitions. Being an adult is realizing you can’t

have everything all at once and pulling up patience you never knew existed

until you get what you want.

19. Step out of your comfort zone:

This might not be true for everyone, but no offence, you can’t figure out who

you are if you never leave your hometown. At some point, you need to move

away or travel in order to see how much of the world there is. Is meeting new

people your thing? How well do you adjust to new food habits? You’ll never

know how you respond to curveballs life throws at you until you strive to

discover something outside of your own experience! Remember chose growth

over comfort.

20. Nevertheless, getting older is awesome!

Just a paragraph here might even just undermine this goldmine for what it is.

When you were a kid, you couldn’t stay up late, eat junk food for dinner or

decide if you even wanted to do housework at all - heck you get to make up

all the rules around here! I don’t know about you, but I’m stoked as hell for

what surprises my remaining twenties are set to bring for me!

So get set, on your mark, happy adulting!

By: Aishwarya Ganesh

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