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I am Roy Baxter, a content writer and copywriter by profession, and a blogger. After working in the corporate sector for 5+ years now working as a freelance writer. I love to write for my niche and discover about it. Lifestyle, Relationships, Health & Fitness, Diet programs, men's & women's sexual health problems, and many more.

I deliver content in Blogs & Articles, web copy, product descriptions, video content, etc.

Being a health content writer, I write on sexual illness topics that men and women face in their day-to-day lives and share medical information on sexual dysfunction problems such as where to buy cheap Zenegra 100mg online tablet for men and Buy Lovegra 100mg pink pill for women. If you ever need help to overcome sexual illness you can follow the Allmedscare web portal.

I have a personal blog on health-related topics named "MyWellnessDaily" and "InfoHealthTech". Sometimes I write lifestyle blogs and articles such as eye care, immunio booster, allergy, quit smoking, antibiotics, skincare, etc for the Allmedscare web portal.

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